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updated : January 4, 2022
  Collective Volume Article
Ouverture commerciale mondiale. Deux bonds et un plateau
In Carnets Graphiques, CEPII, p.14-15, April 2018
Sébastien Jean

Investissements directs étrangers. Quand la mondialisation fait boule de neige
In Carnets Graphiques, CEPII, p.18-19, April 2018
Sébastien Jean

Exportations et PIB. Fin de la domination sans partage des pays riches de l'OCDE
In Carnets Graphiques, CEPII, p.24-25, April 2018
Sébastien Jean

Chapter 6: Tariff Policies and the Progress Toward Open Markets for Agricultural Products
In Handbook on International Food and Agricultural Policy (General Editor: Tim Josling); Volume III: International Trade Rules for Food and Agricultural Products (Karl Meilke and Tim Josling), Karl Meilke and Tim Josling, December 2017
Houssein GuimbardJean-Christophe BureauSébastien Jean

Co-ordination in Tense Times: Issues for the G7
In Challenges for Global Macroeconomic Stability and the Role of the G7, Fabrizio Saccomanni and Simone Romano, p.27-50, 2017
Sébastien Jean, Anne-Laure Delatte

Moving Towards a Refined Special and Differential Treatment
In Building on Bali: A Work Programme for the WTO-related, Simon J. Evenett and Alejandro Jara, p.87-92, December 2013
Sébastien Jean

International trade, price volatility and standards for sustainability
In Food System Sustainability: Insights From duALIne, Cambridge University Press, p.158-175, 2013
Sébastien Jean, Nicolas Bricas, Christophe Gouel

MAcMap-HS6 2007, an exhaustive and consistent measure of applied protection in 2007
In GTAP 8 Data Base Documentation, Badri Narayanan, Terrie Walmsley, p.Chapter 10D, 2012
Sébastien JeanHoussein Guimbard, Mondher Mimouni, Xavier Pichot

What Are European Union Trade Preferences Worth for Sub-Saharan African and Other Developing Countries?
In Trade Preference Erosion: Measurement And Policy Response, Palgrave-McMillan and The World Bank, p.65-102, 2009
Sébastien Jean, Fabien Candau

Explaining regionalisation via relative trade intensities
In Assessment and measurement of regional integration, Philippe de Lombaerde, Routeledge/Warwick Studies in Globalisation, 2006
Guillaume GaulierSébastien Jean, Deniz Ünal Kesenci

Is Erosion of Preferences a Serious Concern?
In Agricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Developement Agenda, K. Andersen & W. Martin (eds.),  Oxford University Press & The World Bank, p.161-192, 2006
Lionel Fontagné, Antoine Bouët, Sébastien Jean

Agricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Development Agenda
In Agricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Development Agenda, Palgrave, 2006
David Laborde, Sébastien Jean, Will Martin