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Houssein Guimbard

Database Coordinator at CEPII
In charge of MAcMap-HS6, FDI-Map and NTM-Map databases

Trade & Globalization

Tél. +33 (0)1 53 68 55 39

updated : July 12, 2021
Houssein GUIMBARD holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Paris X and a Master in "Environmental and Natural Resource Economics" (AgroParisTech, EHESS, UPX - current Master EEET-EDDEE, class of 2003-2004).

He is an economist at CEPII and coordinator of the center's databases (CDO).
His main research interests are trade policies (WTO, trade agreements, customs duties and non-tariff measures) and international trade.

He is involved in the development of the computable general equilibrium model "MIRAGE" as well as the MAcMapHS6 and ProTEE databases.

Houssein Guimbard has taught and teaches trade policies, economic modelling and international trade in various grandes écoles (HEC Paris, ESCP, ESA, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, Sciences Po Bordeaux) and universities (Paris II, UPEC, Orléans).


Trade Policies
Agriculture and environment
Computable General Equilibrium Model