CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale
CEPII Country Profiles: indicators, databases and classifications

Pierre Cotterlaz
Charlotte Emlinger, Jean Fouré
Carl Grekou
Houssein Guimbard
Laurence Nayman
Alix de Saint Vaulry
Deniz Ünal

The CEPII Country Profiles put forward an original tool to analyse the insertion of eighty countries in international trade using databases developed by the CEPII. Thus, CHELEM which provides a complete and coherent representation of international trade flows, balance of payments and world revenues since the 1960s; EconMap which allows to project by 2050 or 2100 GDP with its components in a global context and taking into account climate scenarios; EQCHANGE which includes nominal, real and equilibrium effective exchange rates since the 1970s; MAcMap-HS6 which estimates the average country’s protection; BACI which offers harmonised statistics on values and quantities at a very detailed level of products since the late 1980s; and WTFC which defines type and price range of trade flows since 2000, are used to present a consistent set of indicators. Tables and figures are grouped under seven thematic sections: broad patterns; projections; balance & forex; tariff protection; comparative advantages; types & ranges; products & partners. This document specifies the indicators, databases and classifications used in the CEPII Country Profiles.

 Panorama du CEPII
N°2020-01, juillet 2020

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