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Hillel Rapoport

Scientific Advisor
Scientific coordinator of studies on international migration

Trade & Globalization



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updated : May 3, 2017
  CEPII Policy Brief
The Effects of Immigration in Developed Countries: Insights from Recent Economic Research
CEPII Policy Brief, N°22, April 2018
Anthony EdoLionel RagotHillel Rapoport, Sulin Sardoschau & Andreas Steinmayr

Who is Afraid of the Brain Drain? A Development Economist’s View
CEPII Policy Brief, N°14, February 2017
Hillel Rapoport

  Le Blog du CEPII
Let their people come: Migrants as drivers of knowledge diffusion
Le Blog du CEPII, Post, October 8, 2018
Dany Bahar, Hillel Rapoport