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updated : May 3, 2017
With a Little Help from My Friends: Multinational Retailers and China's Consumer Market Penetration
Journal of International Economics, vol. 112, p.1-12, February 2018
Charlotte EmlingerSandra Poncet

Sector relatedness and industrial policy's efficiency: Evidence from China's Export Processing Zones
Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming, 2017
Sandra Poncet, Zhao Chen, Ruixiang Xiong

Trade policy and industrial policy in China: What motivates public authorities to apply restrictions on exports?
China Economic Review, vol. 40, p.105-120, September 2016
Stéphanie Monjon, Julien Gourdon, Sandra Poncet

Exchange Rate Volatility, Financial Constraints and Trade: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Firms
World Bank Economic Review, vol. 29(3), p.550-578, October 2015
Jérôme HéricourtSandra Poncet

Spatial rebalancing and industrial convergence in China
China Economic Review, vol. 34, p.39-63, July 2015
Françoise LemoineSandra PoncetDeniz Ünal

Product relatedness and firm exports in China
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Sandra Poncet, Waldemar Starosta de Waldemar

Credit constraints, firm ownership and the structure of exports in China
International Economics, Vol. 139, Q3 2014
Joachim Jarreau, Sandra Poncet

Wholesalers in International Trade
European Economic Review, vol. 58(2013), p.1-17, January 2013
Matthieu Crozet, Guy Lalanne, Sandra Poncet

Cluster Policies and Firm Selection: Evidence from France
Journal of Regional Science, vol. 53(5), p.897–922, 2013
Pamina Koenig, Florian Mayneris, Sandra PoncetLionel Fontagné

Complexité économique et croissance : une application au cas chinois
Revue Economique, vol. 64(3), p.495-503, 2013
Sandra Poncet, Felipe Starosta de Waldemar

Export upgrading and growth: the prerequisite of domestic embeddedness
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Sandra Poncet, Felipe Starosta de Waldemar

French firms at the conquest of Asian markets: The role of export spillovers
Journal of Asian Economics, vol. 2(28), p.354-374, 2013
Sandra Poncet, Florian Mayneris

Export sophistication and economic performance: evidence from Chinese provinces
Journal of Development Economics, N°97, p.281-292, 2012
Sandra Poncet, Joachim Jarreau

Economies d'agglomération à l'export et difficulté d'accès aux marchés
Economie et Statistique, N°435-436, p.85-103, March 2011
Pamina Koenig, Florian Mayneris, Sandra Poncet

How are wages set in Beijing
Regional Science and Urban Economics, N°41, p.9-19, 2011
Sandra Poncet, José de Sousa

Financial Constraints in China: the conditioning effect of FDI and State-Owned corporate sector
China Economic Review, vol. 21(21), p.411-422, September 2010
Sandra Poncet, Walter Steingress, Hylke Vandenbussche

Local Export spillovers in France
European Economic Review, N°54, p.622-641, 2010
Sandra Poncet, Pamina Koenig, Florian Mayneris

Market access impact on individual wages: evidence from China
Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 92(1), p.145–159, 2010
Sandra Poncet, Laura Hering

Income per capita inequality in China: The Role of Economic Geography and Spatial Interactions
World Economy, vol. 33(5), p.655-679, 2010
Sandra Poncet, Laura Hering

Direct and indirect impact of economic geography on wages
China Economic Review, vol. 1(20), p.1-14., March 2009
Sandra Poncet, Laura Hering

FDI and credit constraints: firm level evidence in China
Economic Systems, vol. 1(33), p.1-21, March 2009
Sandra PoncetJérôme Héricourt

China as an integrated area? Magnitude and determinants of Business Cycles with China
Journal of Economic Integration, vol. 4(23), p.896-926, December 2008
Sandra Poncet, Jean Barthélémy

Foreign Direct Investment in China: Reward of Remedy?
World Economy, vol. 30(11), p.1662-1681, 2007
Olena HavrylchykSandra Poncet

Déterminants de la localisation des activités en Chine : avantages comparatifs, forces géographiques et interventionnisme politique
Economie internationale, N°101, La Documentation Française, January 2005
Cécile Batisse, Sandra Poncet