CEPII, Recherche et Expertise sur l'economie mondiale

  The Club of CEPII

The Club of CEPII is a Business Club, gathering around 50 big and medium size companies. The Club enables selected experts and company leaders to exchange ideas on general trends and the global economic situation. Members get invited to ad hoc conferences, lunches and dinners with high level speakers, adapted to their needs for strategic decisions.

  Centre for International Research and Economic Modeling (CIREM)

The CEPII is supported by a non-profit-making association, the CIREM, Centre for International Research and Economic Modelling. Thanks to this support, not only are additional researchers and managers put at the CEPII disposal but also partnerships with European or foreign institutions are concluded. These partnerships allow the CEPII to participate in major research programs of international organisations. With the scientific backing from the CEPII, the CIREM also executes research contracts for French and foreign companies as well as for foreign Civil Services. The CIREM increases the research potential of the CEPII, supports its involvement in European and international research networks, and enables it to better respond to the needs of the “civil society”. The CIREM also promotes the dissemination of the CEPII’s work. The CIREM has several members, among which are to be found companies, trade associations, trade unions and public administrations. It is chaired by Philippe d’Arvisenet, economist at BNP Paribas. The CIREM board is mainly composed of representatives from the private sector. Its members supervise the management of its activities. The CIREM organises workshops, where French and foreign academics come together, within the framework of research study Agreements, in particular with the European Commission. The CIREM organises conferences attended by academics, senior executives from French and international institutions, economists from companies and political representatives. This conference highlights the progress accomplished in academic research on one specific theme which is of interest to economists from private and public sectors.