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mise à jour : 3 mai 2017
The Impact of Immigration on the Labor Market
Journal of Economic Surveys, 2018
Anthony Edo

Language skills and homophilous hiring discrimination: Evidence from gender and racially differentiated applications
Review of Economics of the Household, N°**, p.1-28, octobre 2017
Anthony Edo, Nicolas Jacquemet, Constantine Yannelis

Immigration and the Gender Wage Gap
European Economic Review, vol. 92(2), p.196-214, février 2017
Anthony EdoFarid Toubal

How do rigid labor markets absorb immigration? Evidence from France
IZA Journal of Migration, vol. 5(1), p.1-20, avril 2016
Anthony Edo

The Impact of Immigration on Native Wages and Employment
The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, vol. 15(3), p.1151, juillet 2015
Anthony Edo

Selective Immigration Policies and Wages Inequality
Review of International Economics, vol. 23(1), p.160-187, février 2015
Anthony EdoFarid Toubal