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Some Unpleasant Euro Arithmetic

Guillaume Gaulier
Vincent Vicard

Current estimates of misalignments in real effective exchange rates show that euro area imbalances are still large: Germany exhibits a 20 percentage point undervaluation compared to the rest of the euro area (EA). Within a monetary union, rebalancing requires price adjustments through differentials in inflation rates. The rebalancing process therefore involves a 2 percentage point higher inflation in Germany than in the rest of the EA over a decade, or a 1 pp over two decades. It also requires above 2% inflation in surplus countries to meet the 2% ECB inflation target. At the current pace, rebalancing is a 20 year process and requires sustained very low inflation rates in the rest of the euro area.

 Keywords : Current account imbalances | Euro area | Exchange rates misalignments

 JEL : E31, F32
CEPII Policy Brief
N°2018-21,  2018

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