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International statistical comparisons: France-Germany figurations

Stéphane Tagnani
Deniz Ünal

France-Germany comparison studies consider often that the data for these very similar economies are comparable. The apparent proximity of the two neighbors reveals however many divergences in the statistical field. The relevant interpretation of the results requires a better knowledge of these differences. At a symposium held last year, the National Council for Statistical Information (Cnis) initiated a collective reflection on the international comparability of statistics by considering concrete cases of some flagship indicators for economic governance (corporate profits, public and private debt, public deficit, working hours) and OECD action to improve comparability. This Panorama aims to disseminate these rich views to a wide audience.

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  • 1. Gross profit ratio of non-financial corporations, 2000-13 (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK, USA) (% of gross value added)
  • 2. Public debt: negotiable debt securities issued by public administrations, 2000-15 (France, Germany, Greece) (% of GDP)
  • 3. Private debt: loans and negotiable debt securities of non-financial corporations, 2014 and 2007-14 change (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK) (% of GDP)
  • 4. The share of public expenditure in GDP in France and Germany, 1995-2015 (%)
  • 5. Refundable tax credits and imputed social contributions in France and in Germany, 2015 (% of GDP)
  • 6. Labor compensation (2015, % of GDP) and employment (2009, %) in public sector in France and Germany
  • 7. Number of hours actually worked by reference week in France and in Germany (full-time employees, 2014)
  • 8. Regular leaves of absence in France and in Germany (full-time employees, 2014)
  • 9. Example of an international comparison of public debt, 2012 (USA, Canada, France) (% of GDP)
  • 10. Health spending per capita in 2013 (or nearest year) at current prices and purchasing power parities (OECD and big emergent countries) (in US dollars)

  •  Panorama du CEPII
    N°2017-02, juin 2017

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