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June 2020        

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European Banks and Covid-19 crash test

European banks are stronger today than they were on the eve of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, thanks to the reforms that have taken place since then. But will they be strong enough in the face of a health crisis closer to the Great Depression of the 1930s than the stress stress-test scenario scenarios envisaged by the European banking Authority for 2020? >>>


How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Reshaping the Trade Landscape and What to Do About It

On 8 April 2020, the World Trade Organization (WTO) released its forecast for world trade in 2020, announcing that it expected a fall in volume of between 13% and 32%. Both the magnitude of the fall and the width of the forecasting range speak volumes about the violent blow the crisis dealt to international trade and about the uncertainty surrounding ensuing consequences. They reflect the deeply disruptive economic impacts of lockdown measures taken to counter the pandemic. Since these measures should be short-lived, part of their impact is temporary, and it is reasonable to expect that their removal will bring significant economic relief. Yet, this crisis will create lasting changes in the trade landscape and serious threats to the rules-based trading system, warranting a reconsideration of trade policy priorities in important respects.



Clearly documented analysis, data easy to use

Richly illustrated and evidence based analysis are part of the CEPII's trademark. To enhance their transparency and facilitate their use, from now on, each CEPII's publication will be appended with a spreadsheet file featuring datasets used to illustrate the publication. Please check here the first example. Please feel free to access and download, as well as all databases available on our website and Country Profiles which present the insertion of 80 economies in world trade.



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