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April 2020        

The French edition is slightly different as it also includes material available in French only  

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In this unprecedented time, we have suspended our seminars and conferences until further notice. We will resume them in an online format should the lockdown be prolonged. However, we keep on releasing our publications, even more intensively, to look into numerous issues and new challenges that came up during this unprecedented crisis. We seek to understand and analyse the immediate consequences of the pandemic of extraordinary dimensions, and also to forecast its long-term consequences for international economic relations which are expected to be long-lasting and deep. As a first step, we will be producing short analytics and we have already re-oriented our research consequently. More than ever, rigorous and deep analysis are currently of utmost importance.

ISSN: 1255-7072
Editorial Director : Sébastien Jean
Managing Editor : Evgenia Korotkova