Lionel Fontagné, Cristina Mitaritonna & José E. Signoret , 2016.
"Estimated Tariff Equivalents of Services NTMs,"
CEPII Working Paper 2016- 20 , August 2016 , CEPII.
Quantifying the restrictiveness of NTMs for services has proven to be difficult. The main limitation has been the lack of comprehensive data, whether trade, policy, or microeconomic data. A first solution is to use a STRI approach whereby qualitative information is arbitrarily transformed into a quantitative measure of the restrictiveness of each measure. We use here a reduced form of the gravity approach to estimate services trade without relying on STRI information. Our results compare with those of Fontagné, Guillin, and Mitaritonna (2011) for the year 2004. We use the same method, for a larger set of countries. The tariff equivalents are inferred by comparing the inward multilateral resistance term for each country with that of a benchmark country. We provide ad valorem equivalents of restrictions on trade in services for 117 countries in 2011 using GTAP data of trade in services.

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Non-Tariff Measures ; Trade in Services ; Ad-valorem Equivalents