author={Charlotte Emlinger and Houssein Guimbard and Alix de Saint Vaulry},
title={Les Profils Pays du CEPII : indicateurs, bases et nomenclatures},
abstract={New version (N°2016-02) available here.

The CEPII Country Profiles put forward an original tool to analyze the insertion of eighty countries in international trade using databases developed by the CEPII. Thus, CHELEM which provides long period trade data since the 1960s in goods and services, GDP and population; MAcMap which estimates the average country’s protection by partners and products; BACI which offers harmonized statistics on values and quantities at a very detailed level of products; and World Trade Flows Characterization (WTFC) which defines type and price range of trade flows, are used to present a consistent set of indicators. Tables and figures are grouped under seven thematic sections: broad patterns; tariff protection; products and partners; comparative advantages; one-way and two-way trade; unit value ranges; and terms of trade. This document specifies the indicators, databases and classifications used in the CEPII Country Profiles.
Access to CEPII Country Profiles on Visual Data},
keywords={Data ; Country ; international ; CHELEM ; MAcMap}