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Dominique Pianelli

WEB Manager
Editor-in-chief of The CEPII Newsletter
Editor-in-chief of CEPII's Blog.

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updated : December 26, 2018
Dominique Pianelli holds an MPhil equivalent on the "Transition of foreign trade in the post-Soviet states", directed by Georges Sokoloff . Dominique Pianelli is an economist with the CEPII. She has been responsible for the CEPII's internet web-site since October 2000. Dominique Pianelli is also the Editor-in-chief of The CEPII Newsletter andeditor-in-chief of CEPII's Blog.

Dominique Pianelli designs also some of CEPII's communication products .

Dominique Pianelli wrote many studies about Socialist Economies: energy, foreign trade, reform. She was a member of the Observatory of Post-Soviet States until 2002 and during the nineties Secretary of a high level French think-tank about East-West relationships. She worked for years with the weekly journal Petrostrategies.

WEB Manager
Editor-in-chief of The CEPII Newsletter
Co-editor-in-chief of CEPII's Blog (with Alexandre Delaigue).